Welcome to Reflective Gardens

Reflective Gardens is a talented and experienced team, driven and passionate about creating bespoke garden environments, which are functional, beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing.

On all Projects a careful brief is discussed and agreed upon, then collaboration between principal contractors and construction meticulously planned ensuring the clients needs and desires are exceeded on budget and on time.

Knowing the gardens needs we are then able to advise on the best maintenance programme or approach to ensure our clients maximise the enjoyment and satisfaction from their new outdoor spaces.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of nature coexisting with our modern lives. The proven benefits associated with green spaces should be reflected in how we live in our gardens. We help you do just that by enriching and enhancing lifestyles, as well as helping your investments grow.

Our landscape and garden creation company, based in Sydney’s Northern beaches for over 20 years, works alongside our clients to ensure individual briefs and budgets are met and the completion of these projects is done to the highest of standards.

Reflective Garden’s services are simple. We Create, Build, Grow and Care for your garden, courtyard, balcony, rooftop or interior botanical space.

Reflective Gardens Construction

Reflective Gardens Construction delivers excellence in every aspect of our work. The bespoke management and quoting systems, developed over the last 5 years and encompassing over 20 years of experience, ensure we deliver accurate and precise information and progress updates to you at all stages of a project.


Lead by our team of highly skilled craftsmen we look at every outdoor space differently and we strive to understand the outcomes and synergies you want to achieve with your building.

Reflective Garden Care

Reflective Garden Care aims to optimise the enjoyment and delight you get from your garden throughout the year. Led by our team of highly skilled horticulturalists we look at every garden differently and we strive to understand how you use your garden or how you’d like to. We understand your soil and plant health and will make recommendations and suggestions to really make it flourish, all dependent on your own unique garden, aspect and desires.


More than just maintaining your garden, regular care makes all the difference.