To Upgrade and redesign the garden space improving the impact of the entrance and creating an enchanting journey through the garden to maximize the dramatic harbor backdrop
Replacing old aging plants and materials and installed new modern materials and tropical plants.


To introduce a mix of formal garden and tropical plants to stand against the harbor view. The lawn area is mostly used as a viewing platform to look at the amazing view onto the harbour.
As you continue down the blue stone steppers you come to the pool gate where a beautiful dracena Draco is lit at night. Continuing down the stairs to the pool area with harbour gardens growing down the rock face with tree ferns, gingers, hydrangeas, fuchsias & ivy covering it making it full and green and when in flower bright colors to go with red camellia creating strong standout.


The entry to the property is a grand entrance with a timber boardwalk to the main entrance of the house, with a pergola above travertine tiles and a timber bench seat looking over a garden of tropical plants.
As you meander down the blue stone steppers you come across 3 feature stag horns growing on the side of shed, giant bromiliads flowering underneath lillypillies and then step out from the side path to overlook straight lines mowed into the ryegrass lawn following the sharp hedging on the Viburnums and Murraya’s where your eye is drawn again o the backdrop of the harbour



Project Date


Scope of Works

Design • Construction • Maintenance

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2019 Silver Maintenance Residential Up to 1000m2