In Collaboration with Serenescapes Landscape Design improve the usability and accessibility of the Garden space creating a tropical hideaway of baordwalks and entertaining spaces.


On this steep and inaccessible site following a complex design we constructed boardwalk leading to decked areas amongst a rich and traopical paradise. We maximized the useable space creating interest and drama through lighting and planting. Giving a great outdoor entertaining space as well as chillout areas and hideaways amongst the plants. Utilizing clever decking solutions and stone clad retaining walls around the existing sandstone rocks.


Great entertainment and dining areas nestled amongst a rich tropical oasis, that you look down upon from the house above. Beautiful boardwalks joining secluded and private spaces, deep in the rich green tropical surrounds, all carefully lit to maximize the dramatic impact. With terracing to improve usability and a complex irrigation system to maintain the lushness, it really feels as though you are walking through a hinterland rainforest.



Project Date


Scope of Works

Construction • Landscaping • Maintenance

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2019 Silver – Residential Construction – $100k – $150k